Quiet end on the THames to Mayflower Year

An Anglo-American flag flies from The Excelsior’s mast at Rotherhithe

The Anglo-American Mayflower anniversary celebrations came to a quiet end on the River Thames in central London on Friday.

By coincidence this was the same day as President Biden was Britain agreeing a New Atlantic Charter.

A much reduced flotilla escorted the Edwardian from Rotherhithe to the Houses of Parliament to deliver a copy of the Mayflower Compact which had arrived in Rotherhithe on board The Excelsior, representing The Mayflower.

The Excelsior at Rotherhithe

A rare sight of vessels beyond the buoys outside the Palace of Westminster
The Edwardian arrives at Westminster.

Shipmates from Deptford’s Ahoy Centre transferred the Mayflower Compact from the Edwardian to the Houses of Parliament to presented to Mr Speaker and Lord West of Spithead representing the Lord Speaker..

A band played on the deck of the Princess Rose.
The event closed with a salute by the London Fire Service.
The Edwardian, in front of St Thomas’ Hospital and the Covid memorial wall on the Thames Path, returning to Rotherhithe with the Mayor of Southwark, Rector of Rotherhithe and others on board.

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