Harrods wharf might reopen

Harrods Depository

The new owner of Harrods Wharf is offering its use for a temporary ferry service whilst Hammersmith Bridge remains closed.

The dock, in front of the Thames Path at Barnes, was purchased last month by local businessman Jamie Waller.

“Harrods Wharf was used in the past by large boats to drop off and pick up storage containers from the Harrods Depository and there is no reason that it can’t be used again, but this time for people,” suggests Jamie Waller today.

“I would be amazed if a temporary Ferry service could not be set-up in the space of a few weeks ready for children returning to school. With the right amount of energy and application this could be achieved. As a local resident I can see the need, and as a father I feel for those that have younger children about to start school.”

He adds: “As such I am prepared to offer the use of the site for free, if others involved in the project will do the same. This is a time to do something for the community.”

Hammersmith Bridge was deemed to be in dangerous state and likely to collapse when new cracks were observed during recent hot weather. Navigation is also banned with small craft being advised to use canal links. The Thames Path which passes below the structure has also been diverted.

Hammersmith Bridge

8 replies on “Harrods wharf might reopen”

Brilliant concept. There is a boat slipway on the North side at Fulham Reach which could be utilised possibly?

This is such a great idea
I wonder if the ferry would take a bike. Then I could get across to the wetlands

Bravo Jamie

Jamie Waller- what a generous idea. Out Whatsapp group Broken Bridge Broken London represents a group of residents in Barnes and further afield and we are organizing a second south side rally this Thursday to ask central government to find a resolution to this. Please let me know if would like to join it as many people are so thrilled by your offer (specially all the parents whose children cross the bridge to school). Our whatsapp enables us to coordinate all the different initiatives underway.
Thank you so much

We have put Jamie in touch with the leads for the bridge solution at both councils. The ferries are available.
What both councils are wondering is what people would be willing to pay for the service
It’s never been about the logistics but the financing for the piers and the subsidising of the ferry costs
A group of us is looking to deliver this privately.

Mr Waller is an entrepreneur, but there are some problems with his suggestion. There is no access from Harrods Wharf to the river: no ladder or ramp down to the water. The only access is on either side of the wharf down a set of dirty, slippery steps. They are in shadow from overgrown trees. On the North side it is possible to land at all states of the tide at the Fulham Reach pontoon, but this is quite far to the west, certainly not the shortest distance across the river. Directly across the river from Harrods Wharf is the pontoon of King Henry’s Reach, which is, unfortunately, not afloat at all states of the tide. I have just taken photos of these structures, and will post them elsewhere.
I’m sorry, but the temporary bridge for pedestrians seems the best idea to me.

Great idea but what happens at low tide when there is a 10ft drop from the wharf to the river

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