Deptford street closure

Dog & Bell on May Day when road closure would be good

Prince Street in Deptford is being closed to traffic this month. 

This has always been part of the Thames Path and will remain so until a new long planned path is created across Convoys Wharf. 

The temporary closure of Prince Street is to assess the possibility of making it permanently traffic-free.

The best known building in the street, linking Watergate Street to Sayes Court, is the unique Dog & Bell pub.

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How about doing the same at Ballast Quay in East Greenwich. Narrow cobbled street, Thames Path, at the moment uneasily shared by pedestrians, cyclists, too many cars as well as patrons of the Cutty Sark pub.

Good call. Hope it become permanent so all of the rat running white vans can be put back on Evelyn Street.

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