Thames Path extension ‘by 2020’

Riverside path by wider Thames near Dartford

It will come as a surprise to many that the Thames Path is about to be extended thanks to the England Coast Path.

There is already an unofficial start to the Thames Path at Erith which is eight miles downstream from the official start at the Thames Barrier.

Soon it will be possible to start at Grain on the so-called Isle of Grain in Kent.

This continuous extra 42 miles is expected to open in 2020.

The distance from the Thames Barrier to the river’s source at Kemble in Gloucestershire is 180 miles.

The distance from Grain in Kent to the source at Kemble will be 230 miles.

The Thames Estuary Partnership is encouraging walkers to let Natural England know if you think that this new stretch in Kent should also be called and signed ‘Thames Path’ or maybe ‘Thames Path and England Coast Path’.

Views should be sent to [email protected] by Easter.

Erith Pier where present Thames extension starts

2 replies on “Thames Path extension ‘by 2020’”

When I walked the present extension in 2013 I thought it ended at the Darent confluence about two miles further than the Erith Pier. At least the trail was marked that far. I then walked inland to Slade Green to catch a train back to central London.

Love your guide books BTW.

This sounds great. Does this mean a footbridge over the River Darent?

I’d keep it as the Thames Path – the wide open spaces of the Thames Estuary are every bit as much as a part of the Thames as the River in Oxfordshire and Berkshire

Any chance of extending the path on the Essex side too?

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