Commercial Pier Wharf diversion

Odessa Wharf walkway ready for Thames Path

Construction work on Commercial Pier Wharf in London’s Rotherhithe is a reminder that a long built but still closed section of the riverside path will shortly be opening.

The section is between Randall Rents to upstream Barnard’s Wharf adjacent to Surrey Docks Farm. The path already exists on Odessa Wharf and New Caledonian Wharf.

The closed Downtown Restaurant site and Commercial Pier Wharf are now being given a path to complete the link.

After Greenland Dock, on the Rotherhithe peninsula, the Thames Path at present turns down Randall Rents to the back of The Ship & Whale before running along Odessa Street.

At a sharp bend the TP turns right off the road on to Commercial Pier Wharf.

However this is temporarily blocked by the building works.


But, despite a misleading notice suggesting  a road diversion,  it is possible to turn right on a parallel narrow path to the works and  return at once to the river at Barnard’s Wharf.

Also confusing is the rebranding of Commercial Pier Wharf as New Pier Wharf.

The wharf is known for its red dockland crane which after much controversy over its condition was recently removed.

The Thames Path at present follows Randall Rents
Commercial Pier Wharf today
How Commercial Pier Wharf will look when completed as the rebranded New Pier Wharf
The Ship & Whale at the bottom of Randall Rents
A diversion also runs up the side of closed Commercial Pier Wharf

3 replies on “Commercial Pier Wharf diversion”

We’ve just walked around this area and didn’t see any evidence of them opening up the section across New Caledonia Wharf (between Randall Rents and the new New Pier Wharf).
This section was only closed in the first place due to the nightclub, which has now been demolished – does anyone know what the plan is for that section?

Leigh Hatts writes: This has been a long story but Southwark Council is due to open the full path along the wharf -not just the dead end. There is no date and as always work runs late.

Hi Leigh, do you know if there’s been any progress on opening up this part of the path?
REPLY: Yes but progress is very very slow. The wooden structure will be replaced. So don’t expect a grand opening this year!

Any news on when Southwark will restore the wooden pier outside Odessa Wharf so that the thanes path from Surrey docks farm/Imperial Court can continue past Caledonian Wharf . Residents of Caledonian Wharf currently enjoy the Thames path for their own private use as access is denied until the work is carried in on wooden structure . Is this path protected for public use in the same way that footpaths are?

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