Woolwich diversion still in place

Notice next to Woolwich Ferry

Mast Quay in Woolwich has two 14-storey buildings erected in 2004 and after much delay a third block of flats at the downstream end is under construction.

The Thames Path diversion from Woolwich Ferry to the side of Jigger Mast House will probably remain in place for some time. Weeds are growing on the fenced-off path.

On crossing the ferry approach one must follow Woolwich Church Street from the roundabout to go behind Mast Quay.

Take the very first turning on the right which is a double bend access to the two existing blocks. Head to the upstream side of Jigger Mast House to walk along the side of the drawdock. At the river go left.

Barriers on Thames Path after a few yards.
The twenty-two storey flats will be higher than nearby Woolwich church and become a landmark from the ferry.
Looking inland over the drawback. The diversion runs along the left (downstream) side.

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