Battersea: Lombard Wharf opens

Lombard Wharf seen through the newly opened railway arch

Lombard Wharf in London’s Battersea is now open.

The new building on the site is a controversial 28 storey Barratt Homes tower block. But there is  planning gain.

The wharf is on the upstream  side of Battersea Railway Bridge.

Walking upstream from central London along Albion Quay you come up against the railway bridge. In the past you had to turn inland and briefly join the main road.

Now you can keep away from traffic by passing under the railway bridge and walk directly on to Lombard Wharf where there is a wide new stretch of Thames Path.

Lombard Wharf looking downstream


NEW DIRECTIONS after the Old Battersea House entry on page 45:

The path passes along Albion Quay before running under Battersea Railway Bridge.

Battersea Railway Bridge opened in 1863 to                                           carry both standard and GWR broad-gauge trains                         between Clapham and Willesden junctions.

Walk along Lombard and Regent Wharves to pass Oyster Pier. Cross a drawbridge leading to a Falcon Wharf and follow the path inland down the side of Battersea Heliport,


Lombard Wharf’s new tower

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