Jeremy Paxman on the Thames

Jeremy Paxman’s Channel 4 programme on the River Thames in his Rivers series seems very short.

The hour goes quickly. It is  a pleasant drift downstream but a lot seems to be missing.

This is because the River Thames is so rich in heritage, beauty and interest that all four programmes in the series could easily have been devoted to just the Thames.

It would be interesting see what was left on the cutting room floor.

It is maybe a pity to make fun of Cricklade’s court leet since it is one of few remaining manorial courts with a serious function. The court officers safeguard one of the most important water meadows in the country.

A pause to talk about the Thames Super Sewer is topical and probably right as the tidal river is not yet clean enough.

Rivers with Jeremy Paxman episode 4 The Thames is available on replay for the next four weeks.

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