Reading’s new bridge with no name

Reading's new bridge
Reading’s new bridge

The new foot and cycle bridge upstream of Reading Bridge has opened.

The crossing links the towpath with Christchurch Meadows and provides a pleasant walk for those wishing to reach Caversham.


Upstream side
Upstream side

However, it has met with a mixed reception.

Reading cyclists are dismayed that there is not a segregated cycle lane.

Also, the design of the ramp fencing means that walkers on the Thames Path briefly lose a river view.

View from towpath
View from towpath

Meanwhile, although there has been a formal opening by the Mayor of Reading, the bridge has not been given a name.

Suggestions being considered by Reading Council include Meadows Bridge, Christchurch Bridge, Fry’s Bridge (after upstream Fry’s Island) and de Montford Bridge (after Robert de Montford who won a joust on the island against Henry of Essex).

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