Hampton Court’s Pavilion for sale

The Pavilion which can be seen from the Kingston-Hampton Court towpath is for sale.

The three story property was built about 1700 as one of four although only this one survives.

The architect is now thought not to be Christopher Wren but his pupil William Talman who did some decoration in nearby Hampton Court Palace.

The house was home to the Duke of Kent, Queen Victoria’s father. In the 1970s Cecil King, the controversial Mirror chairman, lived at the house.

Both these former residents would be amazed to find that the recession agents Savills is asking £8.95m.

St Saviour’s Dock diversion

The bridge over St Saviour’s Dock in London’s Southwark is expected to be closed next week from Monday 20 to Friday 24 August.

This is to allow for path repair.

The dock is the boundary between Bermondsey downstream and Butler’s Wharf leading to Tower Bridge.

If the gate is closed the alternative route is down Mill Street to Dockhead. Across the main road is Dockhead Stores and to the left is Holy Trinity Church.

Go right to enjoy the  view down the dock. Then right again into Shad Thames which within living memory had a lingering smell of spice.

Just beyond Tea Trade Wharf (left) go right at the Design Museum to return to the riverside path.

Nick Corble chooses Cicerone’s Thames Path guide

Author Nick Corble who writes on waterways has been walking the Thames Path from London to the source.

An account of his walk with his wife is being serialised in Canals, Rivers and Boats magazine.

It’s good to read that they felt it logical to start in London and that they were therefore pleased to find this guidebook.

I am following the instalments with interest  – August and September are both available.

House of Switzerland on Thames Path

The Thames Path has been painted red where it passes behind Southwark Cathedral.

This is because the House of Switzerland has taken over Cathedral Square and some surrounding buildings as the Swiss base for the Olympics.

There is  a big screen, free chocolates and Swiss cafes. The cathedral’s refectory is also open late as is the church itself which has free admission until 9pm. it’s suddenly a good place to end your first day walking the Thames Path.

Upstream just past the OXO Tower the Al Jazeera studio is on the riverside for  a fine view of St Paul’s.

Other international television correspondents have been reporting from the grass opposite Lambeth Palace to have the Palace of Westminster backdrop.

And all along this central London Thames Path section there are localised versions of the London 2012 mascots.