Peter Ackroyd’s River Thames television series

Those living in the London ITV region will have been able to enjoy Peter Ackroyd’s 30 minute Thames programme this evening.

This first episode visited the source near Cirencester and claimed that the Rhine was once part of the Thames.

Most interesting was an interview with the owners of Rose Isle just downstream of Oxford. They plan on never leaving.

Also featured was nearby nearby Iffley Church. Peter Ackroyd is good on churches and their relationship with the water.  

Ackroyd on television, as in his Thames book, deals in themes so there are plenty of shots of the towpath up and down the river. 

There are four programmes and next Friday the theme will be art. 

The Sky Arts channel will show the series next month starting at 8.30pm on 4 September.

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When we will be able to see the series in the North West? I do not have sky

Thanks Marion

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