Wandsworth route change

There are some improvements to the Thames Path between Battersea Railway Bridge and Wandsworth Bridge with more access to the river as redevelopment schemes are completed.

The new directions are:

“The path runs under Battersea Railway Bridge. After a short distance go right to reach a new path on Regent Wharf. At a drawbridge leading to Falcon Wharf turn left along the small dock to rejoin the main road.

“Go right and at the junction turn right. Just past the Dovercourt car showrooms, and before the candle factory shop, turn right into Bridges Court. (The road has no name plate.) Keep to the left and follow the path which bends and leads to the river.

“Pass the back of the Candlemakers development and the end of York Place to walk along Plantation Wharf. Here the riverside path continues on to the new Battersea Reach.

“At the Waterfront pub go left inland and at the far end left again to reach a roundabout. Turn right to rejoin the main road where the route is to the right.”

Follow existing instructions from McDonald’s onwards.

The path at Falcon Wharf, a new 17-storey residential development, should open shortly but there will be some delay before you can join Wandsworth Bridge from Battersea Reach riverside.

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