Improved route at Vauxhall

Changes at St George Wharf alongside Vauxhall Bridge mean that there is a slight improvement in the Thames Path route.

Having passed under Vauxhall Bridge from the MI6 building there is no need to go up on to the bridge approach. Traffic can be avoided for a little longer.

Walkers emerging from the tunnel should now keep ahead along the St George Wharf frontage. At the new Young’s Riverside pub turn inland to reach steps leading down to the main road. Go right past Tesco and Brunswick House (swathed in scaffolding) and follow the pavement back to the river.

It is always a pleasure to pass the 18th-century Brunswick House which is now open as a shop selling architectural salvage. But eventually, when the St George development is completed, the Thames Path will run along the entire riverside here and avoid the Vauxhall traffic.

One reply on “Improved route at Vauxhall”

Will the path contnue past the riverside of the Vauxhall Tower? It’s blocked now and looking at it there doesn’t seem to be much room as the northern side of the tower (plus a narrow strip of greenery) extends almost the the embankment wall. The path is also blocked by another big development slightly further on so that it’s hardly worth walking that stretch anymore.

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