Swan Upping week

Swan Upping starts on the Thames today at Sonning.

This week walkers will see the skiffs belonging to the Queen and the Vintners’ and Dyers’ livery companies carrying the Royal Swan Uppers and the Swan Uppers upstream as they count the swans and check on their health.

The Royal Swan Uppers wear the scarlet uniform.

Today’s trip ends at Romney Lock below Windsor Castle when the crews will stand and drink a toast the Queen.

The rough timetable is below:

Monday 18th July 2016
Sunbury Lock Cut 09.00 – Departure point
Shepperton Lock 10.45
Penton Hook Lock 12.30
Romney Lock 17.30

Tuesday 19th July 2016
Eton Bridge 08.45 – Departure point
Boveney Lock 09.45
Boulters Lock 13.00
Cookham Bridge 14.00
Marlow Lock 17.30

Wednesday 20th July 2016
Marlow Bridge 09.00 – Departure point
Hurley Lock 10.30
Hambleden Lock 12.00
Henley Town 13.30
Marsh Lock 15.30
Shiplake Lock 17.00
Sonning Bridge 18.00

Thursday 21st July 2016
Sonning-on-Thames 09.00 – Departure point
Caversham Lock 10.15
Mapledurham Lock 12.15
Goring Lock 17.00
Moulsford 18.00

Friday 22nd July 2016
Moulsford 09.00 – Departure point
Benson Lock 10.15
Clifton Hampden Bridge 13.00
Culham Lock 16.15
Abingdon Bridge 17.00

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