Magna Carta Island sold to Chinese

Richard Morrison writing in The Times today says that Magna Carta Island has this week been sold to a Chinese family .

The price is believed to be £3.95m.

The Thames island lies alongside Runnymede which has the Magna Carta monument. However, it is thought that the charter was probably sealed on the island with refreshments for the King and barons being provided by the convent on the Wraysbury bank.

The Queen has visited Magna Carta Island which has a house complete with a charter room.

Plans are being made to mark Magna Carta’s 800th anniversary on the banks of the River Thames next year.

One reply on “Magna Carta Island sold to Chinese”

Doubtless notable monuments in Beijing will be sold to British buyers when they show interest!!

The sale shows the grotesque extent to which the corporatist Statist British political class has (as one would expect from years of indulgence of their parasitism) lost all links to the people whom they once in theory served – just as indeed they have for years been eating away at the principles of justice set out in Magna Carta.

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