Vauxhall: Thames Path diversion

The helicopter crash at Vauxhall has obviously closed the Thames Path.

An inland diversion is far to long.

Upstream walkers arriving at Vauxhall Bridge should go under the bridge. Once up the slope at St George’s Wharf bear sharp right to go up another slope to the bridge.

Walk across Vauxhall Bridge.

On reaching the north side at Pimlico turn left down steps to stay with the river. It will be necessary to walk round a house but there is a path as far as St George’s Gardens.

After that the road is by the river to the next bridge.

Cross Chelsea Bridge to return to the south side and at once go right into Battersea Park.

HMV dog is in Kingston-upon-Thames

As HMV faces closure give a thought to the dog Nipper.

Where is he?

He was buried in Kingston-upon-Thames in a spot now covered by Lloyds Bank.

The bank has a plaque and he is remembered by Nipper Alley opposite Wilkinson’s.

HMV is the modern name for His Master’s Voice which was inspired by a painting by Francis BarraudĀ of Nipper listening to a gramophone.

The bank and alley are both in the main street leading from Kingston Bridge.

Chertsey Bridge closed

Chertsey Bridge has been closed until safety checks have been undertaken.

A pleasure cruiser with a crew of just two people became wedged in one of the arches at about 1pm on Saturday and remained stuck for about 90 minutes.

The vessel was sailing downstream with water high and running fast.