Inglesham: Thames Path walkers advised to call a taxi

The National Trails website has posted advice to walkers on the Thames Path who reach Inglesham in Wiltshire.

It suggests that “the section of Thames Path between Upper Inglesham and Inglesham is currently best negotiated by taxi or bus”.

The section is just over a mile long and follows a main road rather than the river.

Taxis can be called out from nearby Lechlade on (01367) 252575 or (01367) 253424.

The fare is about £5.

Buses 64 and 74 run between Lechlade and Upper Inglesham except on Sundays.

Traffic has increase since the route was planned in the 1980s. A management strategy published in 2006 indicated that negotiations on an alternative route were “moving forward”.

Blackfriars: Thames Path weekend closures

The Thames Path upstream of Tate Modern by the southern exit of Blackfriars Station will close for further work on the station during the following weekends: 11 and 12 February;  18 and 19 February and  25 and 26 February.

There is advance notice of a much longer closure from the evening of Friday 9 March to Monday morning 12 March.

The diversion is by way of Hopton Street, Southwark Street and Blackfriars Road.