Another Thames Path closure on Greenwich peninsula

In order for the cable car across the Thames to be installed before the Olympics there is going to be another Thames Path closure on the Greenwich peninsula.

Phoenix Wharf, the stretch between the football ground and the Dome pier, will close from Monday 1 August until the end of the year.

The planned alternative route is at present unclear but it will be roughly mean that a diversion will start just beyond the Millennium Village. Walkers will have to turn inland along the cycleway and then turn north-west up East Parkside. At Edmund Halley Way there will be  asigned route back to the river just north of the pier.

It should still be possible to enjoy the path round Blackwall Reach on the north side of the 02 Dome.

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Henley towpath closed for Festival

The towpath opposite Henley, between Remenham and Henley Bridge, is to be diverted during the Henley Festival despite the efforts of the Henley-based Open Spaces Society.

The Festival follows the Henley Royal Regatta which means that part of the towpath will be closed to walkers between Wednesday 6 July to Tuesday 12 July whilst seating and a floating stage is in place.

During most of this period the length of towpath closed will be about a quarter of  a mile and walkers will have to follow temporary waymarks.

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Whitchurch Bridge to be rebuilt

There are plans to rebuild the iron Whitchurch Bridge which opened in 1902.

The first bridge was erected in 1792. Todayt’s listed early Edwardian toll crossing was built when cars were still outnumbered by horse and cart. The planned works are intended to strengthen the bridge which is now used by heavy lorries.

The cost is about £3m and already there have been protests about the toll being being doubled to 40p. Once carriages paid just two pence for each wheel.

If planning permission is given it is expected that work will take place next year when there will be a temporary bridge alongside for pedestrians.

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Staines diversion

The towpath between Staines Bridge and Runnymede Bridge at Bell Weir Lock is closed until early August.

This is caused by work on a short stretch opposite the London Stone.

The alternative route is:

Do not cross Staines Bridge. Continue on the Staines side by going down steps to the riverside. Soon pass the bridge to Church Island. Don’t continue up Church Street but stay by the river to pass the tennis courts and go up the path in Lammas Recreation Ground.

Turn left along Wraysbury Road. Walk on the north side. After passing under the M25 go left along a footpath. Join the A30 across Runnymede Bridge where you are protected by a barrier. Once on the Egham bank go right on a footpath leading to the river.

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Greenwich Peninsula diversion

Thames Path in east Greenwich closed once again, without warn... on Twitpic

The Thames Path has been closed again between Bay Wharf and Lovell’s Wharf on the Greenwich Peninsula.

The Environment Agency is repairing Morden Wharf which will require the closure to be maintained until September.

The alternative route is:

At the end of Bay Wharf the path is a little away from the water as it meets an enclosed passage.

Here go left to meet the Tunnel Approach motorway. Go right and beyond the footbridge (left) keep on the parallel Tunnel Road which moves away from the fast traffic. At Blackwall Lane go right and take the first right Mauritus Road.

This turns south to become Christchurch Way. Go right into Derwent Street and left into Banning Street. At the Pelton Arms go  right into Pelton Road to rejoin the Thames at Ballast Quay.

No official announcements online yet so many thanks Darryl of 853 blog for highlighting this on Twitter.

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Barry Mason RIP

Barry Mason, manager of Surrey Docks Farm, has died in Spain whist going for a swim in the sea.

As tributes indicate he was much more than his recent lasting achievements at the farm.

He was a cyclist who of course cycled on the Thames Path. But he was always alert to any closures. When he took over at the farm one of his priorities was embracing the stretch of permissive Thames Path as an important part of the Surrey Docks Farm.

The Thames Path here was improved and open every day.  He kept walkers off the roads.

We should remember this as we walk through and pause in the lovely garden.

He will of course be first missed on Sunday afternoon 19 June when there is a Trinity Sunday parish fete involving the farm and Holy Trinity Church opposite.

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