Thames Tunnel may involve Thames Path diversions

The sudden announcement that Thames Water must build a major new sewer has caught out London Boroughs who knew nothing of the imminent plan.

The tunnel needs to follow the route of the River Thames so that the pipe can be connected to the combined sewer overflows that are located along the riverbanks. The Thames Tunnel will protect the River Thames from increasing pollution.

The Thames Path will be affected in at least two places needed for works: King’s Stairs in Rotherhithe and Tideway Walk between Vauxhall and Battersea Bridges where the barge Maria is moored.

Downstream a worksite is planned next to The Ship at Wandsworth Bridge although this will not affect the line of path. Barn Elms will also have a worksite next to the towpath.

The reserve list of sites includes Durand’s Wharf (near Surrey Docks Farm) which was closed once before for the Jubilee Line construction. On that occasion the Thames Path was diverted on to the road.

King’s Stairs Campaign

Residents in Rotherhithe have been looking at how the works site at King’s Stairs Gardens would change the riverside during and after the works.

The wide grass area between the arcaded path and the Angel pub would be closed for seven years. The Thames Path would probably be diverted down Elephant Way and along Paradise Street close to St Peter’s Church.

Afterwards there would be an above ground  ventilation shaft with vehicle access.

The Save King’s Stairs Gardens campaign has started a petition.

See page 25.

3 replies on “Thames Tunnel may involve Thames Path diversions”

Many thanks for publishing details of our website on the Save King’s Stairs Gardens campaign. Thames Water have admitted making a mistake in not putting out for consultation the three or so alternative brownfield sites that would leave King’s Stairs Gardens unscathed. The destruction to the park which includes a fully mature grove of trees that ought to have a protection order placed on them, is nothing short of horrific. The toddler’s playground would be levelled and the riverside walkway, which arguably has the best view of Tower Bridge in all London would be lost for seven whole years. We desperately need readers to send in their written objections and submissions to Thames Water. Details on our website.

Is there any hope at all that they can put in place some sort of access way through the construction site instead of diverting people out of their way and onto the streets? Travelling along the Thames path is so frustrating all these diversions are making it impossible or at least pointless to use the path for more than a mile at a time.

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