Wandsworth riverside improvements

Today was a lovely sunny October day and perfect for walking so I went to check out the changes at Wandsworth.

After passing under Wandsworth Railway Bridge and returning to the river one can now stay by the water for most of the time. There is no need to see the main road again.

At Falcon Wharf you continue ahead to a new path which runs inland down the side of Battersea Heliport. A right turn takes you past an hotel before a return to the water. You do miss Prices Candle Factory which is maybe a pity but the Thames Path stays by the water all the say to new steps at Wandsworth Bridge.

Traffic crossing the river was unrelenting as always so you must go left down to the traffic lights at the junction to get across the road and then walk back up the other side to reach steps leading to Pier Terrace and The Ship. It’s an annoying diversion but there is a handy McDonald’s at the junction.

See pages 43 & 44.

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