Swan Upping 2010

Swan Upping, the annual census of the swan population on River Thames, starts today.

Look out for the skiffs with their Royal and livery flags making a colourful sight on their slow progress to Abingdon.

The Queen’s Swan Marker David Barber and his team depart from Sunbury Lock this morning for a week travelling upstream. With him are the Swan Markers from the Dyers and Vintners livery companies who also own swans.

The swans and young cygnets are also assessed for any signs of injury or disease.

The timetable is:

Monday 19th July 2010
Sunbury Lock 09.00 – Departure point
Shepperton Lock 10.45
Penton Hook Lock 12.30
Romney Lock 17.30

Tuesday 20th July 2010
Eton Bridge 09.00 – Departure point
Boveney Lock 10.15
Boulters Lock 13.00
Marlow Lock 17.30

Wednesday 21st July 2010
Marlow Bridge 09.00 – Departure point
Hurley Lock 10.30
Hambleden Lock 12.00
Henley Town 13.30
Marsh Lock 16.00
Shiplake Lock 17.00
Sonning Bridge 18.00

Thursday 22nd July 2010
Sonning-on-Thames 09.00 – Departure point
Caversham Lock 10.30
Mapledurham Lock 12.30
Goring Lock 17.00
Moulsford 18.00

Friday 23rd July 2010
Moulsford 09.00 – Departure point
Benson Lock 10.15
Clifton Hampden Bridge 13.00
Culham Lock 16.15
Abingdon Bridge 17.30

Another Greenwich Peninsula path closure

The main diversion on the Greenwich peninsula can be seen on a map.

However, soon there will also be an earlier diversion downstream on the east side of the peninsula.

After walking behind Greenwich Yacht Club and passing the Millennium Village you will have to turn inland round the back of the 17 storey City Peninsula development. The best map for this so far is on Mary Mills’ blog.

I would not normally say such a thing but if you want a pleasant walk it might be better to start at Greenwich itself this summer.

See pages 14 to 17.

Convoys Wharf plans on show

There has been a weekend consultation about Convoys Wharf in Deptford this weekend.

Liker all these ‘public consultations’ not much is given away and if you are off on Friday evening or Saturday morning you will have missed it.

Much local concern about what will replace the wharf where so much newsprint was landed until recently but the plans do include putting the Thames Path along the river. The downside is that walkers will not pass the Dog & Bell.

Plans go before Lewisham Council this autumn.

See page  19.