Pancakes and Roni Horn

After watching the Shrove Tuesday pancake race on the Thames Path in front of Southwark Cathedral I went to the opening of Roni Horn aka Roni Horn at Tate Modern.

My interest was in her Thames photographs called Still Water (The River Thames, for example) 1999.

The 15 photographs are very similar. They are taken from above the water and show only dark swirling water. Sometimes there is a hint of oil.

They could be anywhere but under each print are lots of footnotes addressed to the visitor.

Twice she says “The Thames is us”.  She also compares it with the Hudson.

Other comments:

“I sometimes suspect the Thames of being water.”

“The Thames is a drain.”

“It’s curious how the Thames attracts people from far away.”

Today at lunchtime the river was high and dark when I looked out from this exhibition’s windows.

Interesting but maybe not worth the £7.80 entrance charge. You can enjoy the same view free from elsewhere in the bulding anyway.

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