Deptford route change and demolition threat

There is a minor change of route for the Thames Path at Deptford which will keep the way nearer the river.

Just after Deptford Creek, the route turns inland at the Ahoy Centre. But instead of continung south along Deptford Green you now walk behind the Ahoy Centre along Borthwick Street.

After passing behind Borthwick Wharf there is a junction with Watergate Street. The river is along the walled passage to the right which runs between the 18th-century Master Shipwright’s House (west) and Payne’s and Borthwick Wharves (east).

The Thames Path continues to the left. Later go right into Princes Street to rejoin the old route at the Dog & Bell.

However, Borthwick Wharf is under threat and only remains standing thanks to a tremporary injunction obtained at the High Court last Friday.

Developers are proposing an 18 storey tower on the riverside and a 9 storey block fronting Borthwick Street.

The neighbouring 19th-century Payne’s Wharf will retain its Italiante arches fronting the river.

Donations to Borthwick’s Fighting Fund should be made payable to ‘Creekside Forum’ and sent to:
John Taylor
Creekside Forum
St Nicholas Church
Deptford Green

To receive campaign updates email: [email protected]

020 8692 5666

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