Surrey Docks Farm: good cafe

I walked past the Blacksmiths Arms in Rotherhithe on Saturday not knowing that it was being featured that day in The Independent as one of ‘50 Best Gastro Pubs‘.

I did not know that it was a gastro pub. Along with my companion I had just had a wonderful lunch for £5 at Surrey Docks Farm . The meat was from the farm and real apples were just 30p each. We sat sheltered from the sun on the terrace with hops spilling over the fence.

I see that the paper also listed The Trout at at Tadpole – although the location is given as Buckland Marsh. Sadly it’s now rather expensive.

But back in London we also tried the new Tassili Coffee Shop on the path in East Lane next to Chambers Wharf. Seems to be popular with walkers.

See pages 21, 22 and 26.

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They must be using a pretty odd definition of gastropub… the Blacksmiths Arms is a good pub indeed, and the Thai food is good too, but really, it’s not a gastropub.

Their photo of it is lifted straight from Google Streetview too, seems a bit naughty.

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