Diversions at Gatehampton and Goring

There are two temporary diversions between Gatehampton and Goring.

The first is at Gatehampton railway bridge just after the path returns to the river following its gentle downhill run through Hartslock Wood. Thames Water is laying a pipe from its Gatehampton Farm boreholes to Oxford. The signposted alternative route is expected to be in place until December.

There is also a diversion a short distance upstream near Goring. This has been caused by a bank collapse and the alternative route is also likely to be in place until the end of the year.

See pages 136 and 137.

Cookham towpath restored

After years of pressure by the Ramblers’ Association the towpath which runs under Cookham Bridge has been reopened. It is the path seen in Stanley Spencer’s famous painting Swan Upping which shows the bridge spanning the path.

This addition does not affect the Thames Path route which still passes through the churchyard. But having reached the river you can now go right to visit the Ferry Inn which is at the end of Ferry Lane.

The reopening this month is a victory for Margaret Bowdery MBE, President of the East Berkshire Ramblers Group, who has devoted a considerable amount of time to the campaign to reinstate the right of way.

See page 103.

Flood watches continue

Flood watches are still in place on several sections of the River Thames west of London.

This means that some flooding of low-lying land is a possibility. However, the ground continues to drain leaving the Thames Path again passable in most places where there has been severe flooding.

But there has been some rain and more is forecast so there will still be plenty of muddy paths for some time.